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Due to a lack of time and resources, Cuir Underground is on a more-or-less permanent haitus.

Please enjoy our archived material, which ranges from an essay by Gayle Rubin on Old Guard/New Guard, to an interview with Anton LaVey's daughter Zeena Schreck on satanism and SM.

The archives include articles, fiction, and columns from writers such as Patrick Califia, Drew Campbell, M. Christian, David Aaron Clark, Jack Fertig, Lady Green, Liz Highleyman, Fetish Diva Midori, Ian Phillips, Carol Queen, Wendell Ricketts, Thomas Roche, Kiki Scar, and Jay Wiseman.


NOTICE: The Cuir Underground website and its links include sexually explicit and BDSM-related material. If such material offends you, or if you are under 18 years of age, please do not follow the links on this page.


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Check out our list of links to leather/SM/fetish and radical sexuality publications, resources, organizations, educational information, shopping sites, queer/bi/gay/lesbian/transgender sites, and more.

As the number of BDSM/fetish related web sites has exploded in recent years, we are unfortunately unable to keep this list current and complete -- although many of the existing links remain "classics." We also are unable to do banner or link exchanges.

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