From Issue 2.1 - September 1995

Fashion Dominates at SkinTwo Party

by Liz Highleyman

There don't seem to be enough events at which various facets of the Bay Area SM/leather/pervert community get a chance to array themselves in their fetish finest and hang out together, but the July 14 party for Tim Woodward was just such an occasion. Woodward is the publisher of London's slick fetish publication SKIN TWO, and attendees seemed determined to prove that San Franciscans can deck ourselves out as well as the pervs across the pond.

The party was held at Castlebar, a private dungeon, and hosted by Epicenter. Epicenter co-organizer Paul Aleksic is a fetish fashion designer, and the event reflected an emphasis on kinky style. Warm weather didn't stop people from donning their latex and leather, and it was an event that made one consider what the initials S&M might really stand for in this context ... perhaps Stand & Model? Truly a fetish voyeur's paradise!

Many well known members of the local community were on hand, including Pat Califia, Cleo Dubois, Fakir Musafar, Carol Queen, several professional dominants, and proprietors of many SM/fetish-oriented businesses. The hosts provided a fine catered spread and Castlebar's diverse equipment was available for use, but the party lent itself to meeting, greeting, cruising and taking it all in, rather than snacking or playing.

Woodward was in town to check out the San Francisco SM/fetish scene for his magazine, and he spent the week visiting local hangouts, businesses, publications, and individuals. I had a chance to chat with Woodward, who seemed to be quite entranced with the growing potential of online publishing. As cyber-pervs are apt to do these days, we agreed to exchange web page links, so you can now visit SKIN TWO Online via Cuir Underground's website and vice versa.

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Last updated: 10 October 1995