Black Boot Diaries
by Sarah Lashes

From Issue 2.5 - March/April 1996

New York's TES Celebrates 25 Years

Leather people from all over the country converged on New York City in February to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Eulenspiegel Society (TES), the oldest sm/leather club in the country. There were over 1200 people registered throughout the weekend. Bill Brent of Black Sheets and The Black Book, Kat Sunlove of Spectator, Carol Queen and her partner Robert Lawrence, Mistress Marilyn, and yours truly were just a few of the people making the trek from the west coast.

Of course the weather sucked, but hey this was New York in February! It certainly didn't stop anyone from having a really hot time at the five play parties offered in three days. Also offered for our pleasures was a dog show, a bondage contest, and dozens of workshops. I had a great time in the huge marketplace, making the most of a rack full of whips and nearby bondage equipment sold by Stocks and Bonds.

My old friend Val Langmuir from the Countdown On Spanner Trust in London was in town to accept a check for $12000 from the Leather Celebration Committee (yes, the one from 1994). Val gave a rousing speech, reminding us that while we were there to party, we were also there to unite and find ways to stop the attacks from the right wing.

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