by Lady Green

From Issue 3.1 - September/October 1996

Coming Clean

Seems I've been doing an awful lot of demystifying lately: analyzing the undercurrents that run beneath the "power exchange," revealing the insecurities that lie underneath the facade of dominance (and the strength that lies underneath the facade of submission), and generally destroying everybody's cherished illusions.

Well, it's time for a confession. None of that was true. I'm really a heartless, cold, domineering bitch. All dominants are heartless, cold, domineering bitches (or bastards, as the case may be). Furthermore, all submissives are spineless, cowering wimps.

And what's more:

So I hope this relieves my readers' minds, and returns them safely to the fantasy world that I was pretending to try to yank them out of. Be sure to read this column next month, when I'll tell you more. I'll also fill you in on my Nobel Prize, my Vogue cover modeling session, and my Swiss bank account.

Lady Green is hard at work on her upcoming books The Compleat Spanker and (with Dossie Easton, as Catherine A. Liszt) The Ethical Slut. Her company, Greenery Press, publishes these and many other books on introductory and advanced SM and related sexualities. For more information, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to 3739 Balboa Ave. #195, San Francisco, CA 94121, or e-mail her at verdant@crl.com.

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