From Issue 3.1 - September/October 1996

From the Publisher

Hi! Thanks for stopping by... Welcome to Cuir Underground. I hope that you all noticed our change of format and our very cool design. Big kisses to Kiki and Fish, who spent countless hours on it while eating reheated curry late into the night.

We have decided to change the paper to this format for several reasons: it will be easier to lay out, it will be easier for stores to display, and it will be much easier for us to start to head in the direction of a glossy magazine! That's our goal, anyway...

Another exciting change is the edition of a cover price. We get letters and e-mail asking where people can buy CU...well, now we can say "let us look at our distributors list and tell you!" So give it about a month, and if you don't see us in your favorite bookstore or sleaze shop, then burst through the door (with all the drama you can muster) and beg for Cuir Underground. Throw yourself on the floor (if you must) and tell them that Cuir Underground must be available!! And that you'll chain yourself to the store if necessary*.

So, what's a Managing Publisher, you ask? It basically means that I get all of the shit work. The things that nobody else wants to do, I do. The beautiful thing is that now I have people to boss around. What could be better?? Except for maybe someone feeding me dessert while I boss people around...

I tell you, I couldn't possibly have better people to boss around. Cuir Underground has some of the most dedicated and efficient people working together to put this thing out. So let 'em know you appreciate it -- as of yet they are unpaid! Also, big thanks to Big Daddy Don, "Tomato Free" Mark C, Bertha, Rebecca, Kerry, Liz, Dawn, our Distribution Babes, and all of the other people who made this issue possible. You are amazing!

Keep your e-mail and letters coming, and let us know what you like and what you'd like to see in the future...

We are always looking for new writers, photographers and illustrators from all over the country, so if you should be working with us, send a SASE for guidelines.

*It really is an exaggeration to chain yourself to the store, but a gentle request for our magazine would be nice.

From the Editrix

By Liz Highleyman

As our regular readers have no doubt noticed, this issue comes to you rather late. But as you can also see, we've used the time to restructure and redesign Cuir Underground. The most obvious change is our new magazine size and format. Another is our movement away from comprehensive local events coverage. As a bimonthly, we can't hope to cover contests, club nights and the like as thoroughly as the weekly columnists, and we'd like to expand our readership beyond the San Francisco area. We'll still be covering major events, news, reviews, and issues of importance to the pansexual kink communities. And, after many requests and much discussion, we've decided to start including fiction. This issue features a piece by Thomas S. Roche; a fiction serial by David Aaron Clarke will debut next issue. We welcome your comments about our new "look and feel." Happy Leather Pride Week, and a warm Cuir welcome to our out of town visitors!

E-mail We Like

Dear WebMistress,

Thank you, Mistress, for your time. I am not worthy of the energy you have put into your zine and web page. Please allow me to make amends.

-- Your Humble Servant

Dear Servant,

Cuir Underground graciously accepts cash!

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