by Lady Green

From Issue 3.2 - December 1996/January 1997

The Visit

This month I am working frantically to finish my latest book, The Compleat Spanker, to be published by my own published company, Greenery Press. Look for a review and excerpts in these pages soon. Instead of a regular column, I thought I'd bring you something a bit different this issue. I hope you enjoy it.

The Visit

When the goddesses were here
One was cruel as glass.
She sliced like a knife
Then reflected the agony she'd created.
How she gleamed.
Mistress, I am nothing before you.

When the goddesses were here
One was hot as fire.
She sculpted flesh like wax
By pressing her passion against it.
How she glowed.
Beloved, I think of nothing but you.

When the goddesses were here
One was huge as everything.
She divided her immortality
Into an infinity of smiling children.
How she flowered.
Mother, what was I before you had me?

When the goddesses were here
One was boundless as water.
She was deep enough to drown in
And she took the shape of those who contained her.
How she suffered.
Slut, you are nothing. Come to me.

When the goddesses went home
They met to travel together.
We loved this place, they said.
It screams so loudly.
It strokes so gently.
It clutches so hungrily.
It strikes so tellingly.
And each walked beside her sisters and thought
Poor things... they'll never know what they missed.

Lady Green is hard at work on her upcoming books The Compleat Spanker and (with Dossie Easton, as Catherine A. Liszt) The Ethical Slut. Her company, Greenery Press, publishes these and many other books on introductory and advanced SM and related sexualities. For more information, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to 3739 Balboa Ave. #195, San Francisco, CA 94121, or e-mail her at verdant@crl.com.

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