From Issue 3.4 - May 1997

Boot Therapy

Video review by Dick Pounding

Fuselier Productions' recent video, "Boot Therapy," featuring Sid Fuselier, Mike Pesina, Paul Kraus, David Minor, Bob Adams, Glenn Wolf, and Joe Ledette, has some great moments interspersed with some slow action. This 1996 video has plenty to offer those of us that love shiny black boots -- the film is packed with camera shots of boots and hot leather clothing. The video starts with willing boot slave Mike Pesina, who is discovered by a master (Sid Fuselier) at the side of the road taking a piss.

After Sid invites Mike to his home, Mike services, worships, licks, and otherwise attends to the boots of Sid and his leather buddies. Mike is bound, and proceeds to give Sid's boots a cream shine with his wet cock after sucking Sid's dick. Sid's buddies all have a turn at Mike. Next up is Paul Kraus who paddles, flogs and spanks Mike's ass until it's red. Tit clamps are applied, and in the next scene, Mike is surrounded by his new friends as the camera pans across the men in their boots and leather -- a very memorable image, as the viewer gets to see a variety of sexy boots, including a hot pair of thigh high biker boots.

Next we see Bob Adams dressed as a cop, jacking off while eroticizing his gun. Not much becomes of this, however, and it appears that he runs out of ideas as to how to eroticize his weapon. Adams has a cum shot that, while not memorable in regular speed, is slowed down to reveal quite a hefty load of jizz -- I found myself rewinding this shot. Sid then sucks Kraus' dick in a great sucking scene. At the end, Mike takes off the boots of all the men, as they go off to discuss his potential as a boy.

Fuselier bills this video as delivering what "no other boot video does." Certainly, the video delivers what it promises as far as hot boots and leatherwear is concerned, but I found the movie lacking in consistent hot action, and was inspired to make use of the fast forward button a lot. Since S/M and fetish videos tend not to have much fucking or conventional porn sex, my expectations include a greater level of sexually explicit dialogue and negotiation, as well as some psychological or character development. Those elements were lacking from this film. While the sex seemed realistic enough, it wasn't constantly hot or captivating. Particularly annoying was a leather glove Fuselier wore that had a built in restraint with two metal rings. Every time he jacked off, spanked Pesina, or otherwise moved, the metal rings clinked together noisily in a way that was very distracting.

Nonetheless, if you are a boot slave -- or just love the look of leather boots -- this movie is a worthwhile rental. The picture and sound quality are exceptional for an independent video, and the actors are all hot men - particularly in their leather.

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