From Issue 4.0 - September/October 1997

Het Perv Director Ernest Greene Scores

Video reviews by Roma Estevez

Ernest Greene is one of the finest S/M porn directors working in the mainstream industry today, and one of the few to successfully integrate penetration and power play. Green's depictions of real life S/M play brings realism, variety, and a level of sophistication missing from most commercial S/M porn. The combination of his exacting eye for detail, delectable fetish fashions, and creative sex scenes make his works contemporary classics. Seasoned S/M players probably won't learn anything new, but will appreciate the director's finesse and authenticity. Following are five noteworthy examples of his exceptional style.

Bondage of the Rising Sun, 1996

Bondage aficionados take note -- the rope tying skills on display in this video would put an Eagle Scout to shame! Intricate body harnesses and a sturdy rope sling keep Ariannna, Missy, and Brittany firmly captive as they succumb with equal pleasure to dildo penetration, hot wax torture, and flogging. Realistic S/M, enthusiastic performances, and matchless rope work by Japanese master Takeshi Nagaike weave a tantalizing and exquisite web.

Trained by Payne, 1995

When an inexperienced bottom requires some extra attention, the exacting Mistress Payne steps in and more than lives up to her name. Using candles, sex toys, and whips, Payne doles out pleasure and rules her female charges with an iron fist. Lisa Ann debuts as the eager to please slave who undergoes electro-stimulation in order to gratify her mistress.

Lydia's Web, 1994

Spanking, whipping, hot wax, and breast play abound in this lesbian dungeon romp. The all female cast puts real feeling into the domination scenes, and the costumes and sets are exquisite.

Contract for Service, 1994

The all-female cast shines in this bondage and domination romp that shows off nice rope work and skillful whipping. Unlike many fetish movies that show no genital sex, this one offers up plenty of anal, strap-on, and oral adventures. This video is a breakthrough at depicting the sensual integration of vanilla and leather sex.

Prison World, 1994

If you ever wished those campy prison B-movies would magically turn into an S/M sex fest, this film is for you. A mean warden tortures her female flock with a firm but loving hand. Excellent editing and hot acting by some of the most accomplished and kinky actresses around make this one a winner.

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